The Charlotte Civic Orchestra occasionally has openings in various aspects of the organization. When such opportunities arise, they will be listed here. At the present time, the Charlotte Civic Orchestra announces openings in the following section(s):

  • Cello (2 positions) 
  • Percussionists 
  • Contrabassoon

Players (at least 18 years old – and older) of these instruments are encouraged to complete the audition request form below, and someone from our organization will contact you with further information.

If the CCO has a vacancy/opening for your particular instrument (that is, if your instrument is listed above), you will be asked, at the discretion of the conductor, to fulfill the audition requirements by attending and performing in a CCO rehearsal. Your audition rehearsal performance will then be reviewed by the conductor and the principal player of the orchestral section. Please note: no audition is required if you provide proof that you have successfully completed university/college study on your instrument. If you cannot supply such documentation, you will be asked to perform two contrasting solo works – or one work that contains sections with contrasting styles – that represent your playing ability.

If your instrument is not listed above, we do not have openings at the current time. However, if you would like to be placed on our “on-call” list, please feel free email or call us with your information and we will gladly contact you when a position does come open.

 For more information and/or to schedule an audition, please e-mail us at or call the CCO office at 704-344-0098.

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